The right move forward

I’m Peter Webster, chief executive of Corps Security, and this is where I examine the issues affecting the security industry. My thoughts and opinions are intended to generate debate and whether you agree or disagree with them, you’re welcome to post your comments below.


As an update to my recent blog on the proposed changes to The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE), I am pleased to see that the service provision change (SPC) element of TUPE will now be left alone.

As regular blog readers will know, while I am naturally against wrapping business in red tape, I was strongly against the abolition of the SPC as it had serious and far-reaching implications for all in the security sector.

In fact, my comments on the subject are featured in an article on the subject in The Times today.

Potentially, affected employees risked losing their employment and all accrued service rights, while employers would have had the burden of being encumbered with a substantial redundancy liability for which it is unlikely they would have made adequate financial provision. My fear was that as the proposed changes were vague and ill-defined they would inevitably lead to confusion and dispute. Indeed, the only group I imagined benefiting from the proposed change were lawyers.

In the final analysis, common sense has prevailed.  Many commentators jump on every change in Government policy and brand it a “U-Turn”. I however believe that when Government consults on an issue such as this – and changes course as a result – democracy is the real winner.

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